Park Rules & Regulations

Coconuts RV Park, LLC

Campground Rules, Curfew, Alcohol Use, Tobacco Use, and Pet Policies

(§ 419.090 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri)

Park Rules

1. You must be at least 21 years of age to lease an RV site and have a valid driver's license and proof of RV insurance.

2. Guests over the age of 21 may consume alcoholic beverages, but alcoholic beverages are prohibited from being brought onto any other Coconuts property.

3. Tobacco and legally-authorized medical marijuana use are prohibited in common use areas of the Resort, except in designated smoking areas. All cigarette butts must be properly disposed of in a fireproof receptacle. The Coconuts staff reserves the right to ask for proof of a medical marijuana card at any time during your stay.

3. Any use of illegal drugs or controlled substances is prohibited and will result in immediate removal of the violator and all of his or her guests or co-tenants from the Resort.

5. The discharging of firearms, BB guns, paintball guns, bow and arrows, sling shots, or any devices that use burning powder, explosives, compressed gases, etc., is prohibited. Fireworks are NOT permitted

6. No parking on the grass or in the loop islands.

7. Dumping of grey water will not be allowed in the parks, except into the wastewater collection system provided by the Resort.

8. Removal of plants, animals, rocks, or downed timber is prohibited without written permission from the Resort manager.

9. Pets must be kept on leashes no longer than 10 feet and/or under control at all times. Pet owners must place all solid pet waste in trash receptacles.

10. No animal(s) will be allowed to be left unattended.

11. Children must be accompanied by an adult while in the playground area, pool area or basketball court.

12. Tent camping is not permitted in the Resort.

13. Clotheslines or tarps are not permitted in the Resort.

14. All wheeled vehicles and trailers must be kept on roads and parking pads except as otherwise permitted by special management rules.

15. Excessive volumes on radios, televisions, musical instruments, etc. are not permitted. Shutdown of these items may be necessary depending on your proximity to other campers. Quiet hours are from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. Generators are prohibited during these hours.

16. Please do not hang lanterns, tie ropes, dog leashes, bungee cords, etc. to trees.

17. Solicitation or selling any item (including the resale of a campsite) is strictly prohibited.

18. Fire pits are the responsibility of the camper and are restricted to the fire ring. Burning trash and large fires are strictly prohibited. Please put your fire completely out before leaving the area.

19. Each site is allowed the use of 1 (one) golf cart. ATVs and UTVs are not allowed.

20. Allowable motorized vehicles include (gas or battery powered) scooters, golf carts, hover boards.

21. Pools of any kind or water toys, such as slip-n-slides, and bounce houses, are not allowed.

22. Residents of the Resort are permitted to use the facilities at Coconuts Caribbean Beach Bar and Grill during normal business hours and must abide by restaurant rules.

23. Residents of the Resort over 18 years of age, have full use of the Fitness Center. Equipment must be wiped down after each use. Supplies will be provided for that purpose.

24. Washers and dryers are for Resort tenants. Dryer lint filters must be emptied after each use. Do not leave laundry overnight.

Dock Rules

25. Covered dock slips and wave runner shore ports are available for RV tenants on a first come first served basis for yearly rental.

26. The courtesy docks at Coconuts are only for patrons of the restaurant. Use of the courtesy docks at Coconuts by RV Resort tenants and their guests is strictly prohibited.

Photography/Video Consent

26. By electing to stay or visit Coconuts RV Resort, every guest and visitor on the premises including our restaurant and outlets, hereby grants consent for our capture and utilization of images, videos, and likeness for any marketing or other purposes not prohibited by law, indefinitely, and without the need for payment of any royalty, licensing, or other fees whatsoever. If any minor children are present, their legal guardian is required to let the manager know at the time a photo or video is taken that permission is not given to use their likeness for any marketing purposes.